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Frequently asked questions

We help brands and influencers grow on Instagram by providing them with a tool that connects them with real followers.

Does Gumbay offer any sort of guarantee?

We offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy within your first two weeks of service, just let us know and we will issue you a refund. No questions asked!

Can I cancel my Social Lift account at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your account at any time by emailing us. We try to keep it as flexible as possible. However, the people who have had the most success are the ones who have been with us the longest.

Will Social Lift work for my industry?

Yes, it will! It doesn’t matter what the type of account you run, our process is exactly the same. As long as there are people on Instagram who are interested in your brand, Social Lift will work for you.

What can Social Lift help me accomplish?

Social Lift helps you get more REAL followers on Instagram. More followers mean better social proof and increased brand awareness, which leads to more gigs, paid partnerships, and sales for your business!

How many followers should I expect by using Social Lift?

As each account is different, this number will vary. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers. We can’t guarantee any specific number of followers because these are real people who have to decide by themselves whether or not to follow you. Please don’t believe any company that says they can guarantee a specific number of followers – it’s just not possible.

How Does Social Lift work?

Once you sign up, provide us with a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers that you’d like to attract. These should be profiles that are similar to yours: competitors, complementary brands, influencers in your niche, etc.

Then we’ll ‘like’ 1-2 photos from each user following those target accounts that you provided. Those users will get a notification that you liked their photo and come check out your Instagram. Since we’re targeting similar accounts to yours, it increases the likelihood that they’ll also like your brand and want to follow you.

We like around 10,000 photos a month, helping to boost the overall organic reach on your page.

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