Brands and branding are all-pervasive and ubiquitous. The media are obsessed with brands, and everybody now uses the “brand” word.

In recent times enormous changes have taken place in the world of branding which have put it right in the spotlight. These changes include:

  • the development of digital technology
  • the emergence of the high-profile company
  • branding moving from the periphery to the center of corporate concern
  • branding moving into countries, regions and cities, and also into charities, the arts and academia
  • and perhaps above all the changing attitude of society to environmental dangers, and the beginning of the emergence of a more caring twenty-first-century society. This guide reflects these new trends.

The guide has been written based around the vast collective experience.

The guide has practical purpose. It is a guide to branding – what branding is and how it works. I have tried to keep clear of jargon and unnecessary complexity. At the end of most of the sections there are suggested thoughts to take away.

The guide is intended to help people who look after brands do just that. It is also intended to help business owners, design and allied subjects get a real grip on the subject. Anybody who works for an organization, from chairman on-words, is involved with its brand; anybody who lives in today’s world is involved branding. This guide is for each of you.

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